Franchise Canada Chats Podcast Season 5 Women in Franchising Podcast

Season 5 Episode 5 | PowerPods & Bark Busters: Brain Based Coaching for Franchisees

In this episode, guest host Angela Coté discusses brain based coaching for business owners with Conny Millard, co-founder and master coach of PowerPods, and Kelly Gould, franchisee of Bark Busters in Windsor/Chatham.

PowerPods is a Franchise Support Services/Supplier provider that operates with an innovative and unique neurocoaching platform for franchise systems. As master coach, Conny works to show franchisees how the power of the mind can unlock their full potential as business owners. Kelly purchased her Bark Busters franchise with a desire to help other dogs like her own to have a happier and healthier life. 

Here, Conny and Kelly share:

  • How they worked together while Kelly was starting up her franchise, and how Conny helped her to change her mindset and become a confident business leader
  • Conny’s success stories with helping franchisees through neurocoaching to develop intrinsic success traits as business owners
  • The unexpected challenges that Kelly faced in her franchise career, including how she works to train not only dogs but their owners too, among much more.

Check Out the Full Podcast Video with Angela, Conny, and Kelly!

Angela Coté, host; Conny Millard, co-founder and master coach, PowerPods; Kelly Gould, franchisee, Bark Busters