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Season 5 Episode 7 | WSI: How to Create Work-Life Balance as a Franchisee

In this episode, guest host Angela Coté sits down with WSI franchisee Taylor Russell to discuss how franchisees can search for franchise opportunities that offer them flexibility to create a healthy work-life balance as a business owner.

WSI is a digital marketing franchise that works with businesses across all industries to help them connect with their customers online. Its headquarters is in Toronto, Ontario, also where Taylor is based, though her freedom as a business owner allows her to interact with clients and complete her work from anywhere in the world — which was especially important to her while choosing a franchise to invest in!

Here, Taylor shares:

  • What advice she has for prospective franchisees about how to choose a franchise that suits their goals, passions, and lifestyle
  • How to differentiate yourself in the franchising industry and create a unique selling proposition (including what this is and how you can use it!)
  • What she’s learned about creating effective work-life balance as a wife and mother, and much more.

Check Out the Full Podcast Video with Angela and Taylor!

Angela Coté, host; Taylor Russell, WSI franchisee