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Promoted Story: Stagecoach: A Business That Truly Performs

At Stagecoach Performing Arts, we teach children Creative Courage For Life through weekly singing, acting, and dancing classes. 2023 will mark 35 years since the first Stagecoach school opened in Surrey, United Kingdom, and today, Stagecoach operates in eight countries with over 300 franchisees running their own schools. This growth has led to over one million children and young people discovering the benefits of the performing arts through Stagecoach.

Our classes give students the opportunity to find their confidence, make new friends, and develop skills they’ll value their whole lives, such as teamworking and communication. Each school is in a territory owned and managed by a franchisee, who also acts as a school’s Principal. Our franchisees manage a team of teachers who deliver high-quality, fun, and engaging performing arts classes to students aged four to 18 years old.

Who are our franchisees?

Stagecoach has expanded over the years to be a far-reaching network of professional franchisees with a passion for both the performing arts and children’s services. Whilst many of our franchisees come from performing arts backgrounds, having worked in the industry themselves or previously taught in a Stagecoach school, we invite interest from prospective franchisees of any background. Some of our current franchisees have taught in mainstream schools, been a Stagecoach parent before joining the business themselves, or come from a corporate background. We’ve seen franchisees from all walks of life run successful schools and many have built up their work with us to a multi-territory position with thousands of students in their schools every week.

What our franchisees say

“I’m busy all of the time, but I do it because I love it. I’ve always had a passion for performing arts and my career led me down the route of teaching. I decided to start my own Stagecoach franchise, as I had spent years working for them as an acting teacher and I love the way Stagecoach nurtures every child individually. We recently bought our first home, something which couldn’t have happened without Stagecoach. We’ve even managed to start saving for our children’s education. Being able to look after my family is really important but I’m only fully content when I see my students thriving too.” –Tosha Doiron, Principal of Stagecoach Mississauga and Oakville, ON.

Why franchise with us?

At Stagecoach, we support all new franchisees, whether they’ve opened their school in a brand-new territory or are taking over an existing one, with a set programme to help them get started. New franchisees are provided with an online training course, a regional franchise manager to support them throughout their time as a Stagecoach Principal, assistance with securing a venue and DBS-checked teachers, an Educational Framework that communicates the goals of the Stagecoach brand whilst still providing our schools the freedom to adapt content and lesson plans to their students’ needs, and a head office team to support with all areas of their school and the Stagecoach brand, including events, education, marketing, IT, and operations.

In 2022, we introduced The Stagecoach Way with a book for our franchisees which distils the essence of what makes Stagecoach unique. The publication enabled us to share the philosophy, ethics, and processes that define our work. It was created to ensure every Stagecoach student experiences the same engaging environment wherever they are in the world and to empower our franchisees to run their schools with our shared culture and values.

Once established, we regularly support our franchisees with buying additional territories and opening new schools in their areas, with our top franchisees enjoying a six-figure income from their business. Expansion opportunities are truly limitless with Stagecoach.

Since it started operating, Stagecoach Performing Arts has had continuous growth through the amazing work of our franchisees. Despite a challenging couple of years for the performing arts industry, we have continued to grow from strength to strength and have even opened in an eighth country. If you’d like to join the network or enquire about available territories near you, please fill out the enquiry form at stagecoachfranchise.com and our team will be in touch. We strive to make a difference to the lives of students and to the communities our schools operate in. Though Stagecoach Performing Arts provides performing arts education, the benefits and opportunities our schools give to our students build their confidence and prepare them for all life’s challenges, whether in or outside of the performing arts world.

To learn more, contact stagecoachfranchise.com or franchiserecruitment@stagecoach.global