New Canadians in Franchising

Tessa Tristianti, Bloomtools Canada

When Tessa Tristianti immigrated to Grand Falls, New Brunswick from Indonesia in 2009, she didn’t know what to expect. Despite leaving a lucrative career as a marketing professional with her own business, she remained optimistic that she would quickly find a rewarding job in Canada.

“I thought my education and experience would make it easy for me to find a job in Canada, even in a small town like Grand Falls. I was wrong.”

After searching for jobs that matched her qualifications for several years, Tristianti decided to take matters into her own hands and look for self-employment opportunities that fell within her passion for marketing.

“I knew I would always struggle to find jobs and I felt the only solution to that was to create a job for myself,” she says. “I kept looking for information and opportunities to be self-employed as soon as I realized I had to restart my career and life here.”

Her research led her to the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) website where she followed the growth of several Canadian franchises and learned more about the industry. After two years, Tristianti came across a home-based opportunity, Bloomtools Canada, on CFA’s online member directory

Founded in Australia in 2004, Bloomtools provides affordable and functional web design and marketing services to the business sector. With the unique ability to serve businesses in any industry, the Bloomtools business model is the perfect solution to help companies better develop their online presence.

When Bloomtools Canada President Boaz Willinger saw the success of the company in Australia, he wasted no time bringing it to the Canadian marketplace two years ago. Since then, Bloomtools Canada has expanded to 20 franchises across the country.

Willinger wasn’t the only one who saw the positive impact Bloomtools would have for Canadian businesses. Tristianti was also inspired by the Bloomtools business model. “I believe in Bloomtools’ software because it’s a great marketing solution for small to medium sized business owners. It can help them grow their business without spending a lot of time and a lot of money.”

As a successful Bloomtools Canada franchisee, Tristianti is combining her passion for marketing with a company that is enthusiastic and supportive of their business owners. “Our model is designed to empower the franchisee to become a successful business owner and marketing partner to their clients through extensive training, and ongoing support,” says Willinger.

Today, Tristianti credits the CFA with helping her find a fulfilling career in a new country. “The CFA is how I found my business with Bloomtools Canada. It has matched me with a company that allows me to do what I love – marketing. It has also allowed me to find an opportunity in my industry that I can make my own.”