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“The Coupons And Deals Club” Signs Agreement With The Canadian Franchise Association To Promote Locally Owned Franchised Businesses

Transition Squad, a franchisor of online estate and downsizing auctions, has entered into a national agreement with the Canadian Franchise Association to promote their Cross-Promotion Marketing Network, The Coupons And Deals Club, to CFA members.

“There’s strength in numbers” says Viraf Baliwalla, President of Transition Squad. “One of the biggest challenges for any small business is to spread the word and get traffic in the door affordably. However, as the economy re-opens, it is more important now than ever for small businesses to unite and take advantage of economies of scale”.

Through CouponsAndDeals.CLUB (not .com), a branch of Transition Squad’s website, participating merchants can:

  1. Post coupons and special offers that consumers can download and redeem directly, and
  2. Auction gift cards online, powered by Transition Squad’s online auction engine, where bids start at 5-10% of the face value.

For example, if a restaurant offers a $100 gift card for auction which starts at $5, and there is only one bidder, they get $100 worth of retail value for only $5 (plus 15% buyer’s premium and sales tax). If multiple people bid, then the price goes up.

Transition Squad then promotes these offers to millions of potential customers through their database of online auction buyers, clients of all participating merchants, employees of some of the country’s largest employers and other online buyer channels.

“Even if the bidding goes up to 50% of the face value, that’s still a great incentive for consumers to shop with and support that local business,” says Baliwalla, who says they have had bids on gift cards from jewellery retailers, car dealerships and even TheUPSStore.

“At its core, franchising is about people helping other people achieve their goals through collaboration and mutual support,” says Sherry McNeil, CFA President & CEO. “Throughout COVID-19, we have seen franchising’s strength shine brightly through our members, who have been supporting others in the franchise community through offering knowledge and assistance through CFA programming like our Members Savings Program.”

To help with the recovery, Transition Squad is offering CFA members and independent local merchants a free one-year membership for a limited time. Merchants can get more information and sign up at no charge at

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For further information: For media inquiries: Viraf Baliwalla, President, Transition Squad Inc./The Coupons And Deals Club, (647) 401-5474,