Franchise Tutorials

Tutorial 7: Initial Training

If you recall from tutorial 1, you’ll remember that the hallmark of a successful franchise is consistency. No matter which location or time of day you visit a franchised location, the experience should be the same each and every time (i.e. you order a burger at your favourite restaurant, you get the burger at your favourite restaurant).

And the only way that this brand consistency can be accomplished is through training.

The goal of initial training is to ensure that a franchisee has all the knowledge they need to duplicate the brand successfully and understands all aspects of running a business. Initial training is so important that it is typically mandatory!

What key areas are typically covered in an initial training program?

  • Initial site selection and store build-out
  • Operating standards and procedures
  • Technical operations for providing the service or product
  • Merchandising
  • Recruitment, retention and management of employees
  • Training of employees
  • Marketing, advertising and public relations
  • Financial management and controls
  • Administration
  • Point of sale systems
  • Approved suppliers

How is initial training conducted?

The duration, cost and location of training will vary from franchise to franchise. Some franchisors provide training in a group setting at the head office, while others provide training one on one at the new location. Some franchisors provide initial training for several weeks while others have training that lasts several months. Some franchisors include the costs in the initial franchisee fee, while others charge the franchisee after.

Which means the only way to really know the details of a specific franchise’s initial training is by carefully reviewing the disclosure document and asking a lot of questions. Often the disclosure document will include a training outline. Ask the franchisor critical questions so that you walk away with a good understanding about what is expected of you. And don’t be afraid to also reach out to existing franchisees to get their input and impressions of initial training too.

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