A bucket of KFC and a bottle of bubbly.
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On National Fried Chicken Day, KFC encourages Canadians to celebrate by revealing Buckets & Bubbly

An unlikely pairing, fried chicken and bubbly has captured the tastebuds of foodies and wine lovers alike. From the NYC food scene, to celebrities like Dave Grohl, this delectable pairing is savory and refreshing, yet so many people have yet to experience this deliciousness. According to a recent survey by KFC Canada, 41 per cent of Canadian adults are interested in trying fried chicken and bubbly. To celebrate National Fried Chicken Day, KFC is making it even easier – with Buckets & Bubbly, an epically delicious pairing. All you need is a bucket of KFC Original Recipe fried chicken and a glass of bubbly to bring out the flavour of both.

It can no longer be denied there’s something special when fried chicken is paired with a glass of bubbly. The zesty bubbles complement the Finger Lickin’ Good flavour of the chicken after every bite. The savoury fried food pairs well with the acidity of the bubbly, creating a mouthwatering effect, enhancing the overall experience.

“Considered one of food & drink’s best kept secrets, fried chicken and bubbly is one of those iconic flavour pairings you need to taste to believe just how delicious it is. It’s a new way to enjoy and experience our Finger Lickin’ Good fried chicken,” said Katherine Bond-Debicki, CMO, KFC Canada.

The beauty of this pairing is that any champagne, crémant, cava or prosecco brings out the flavour of the fried chicken. You can create a sensorial experience and elevate any summer afternoon or evening, sharing a taste discovery experience with friends, by simply pairing fried chicken with sparkling wine. Grab your favourite bubbly, put it on ice and get a bucket of KFC Original Recipe chicken and celebrate National Fried Chicken Day.

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