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Online Exclusive: 5 Franchising Industries to Consider Investing In

Thinking of making your entrepreneurial dreams come true through franchising? As you start exploring franchise opportunities, you’ll find that there are dozens of industries with unique and purpose-driven concepts to choose from. Within membership for the Canadian Franchise Association alone, there are more than 50 industries, including health and fitness, children’s products and services, pets, senior services, home and mobile-based businesses, and much more.

Let’s explore these five industries to learn what kind of products and services they each offer and why they’re ideal opportunities for prospective franchisees to consider.

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1. Health & Fitness

Recent years have seen Canadians take a lot more interest in fueling their bodies with healthy food and hitting the gym to keep themselves energized and in shape. That puts health and fitness franchises in a prime position to grow within communities where people are looking for new businesses to help them reach their physical wellbeing goals. This booming industry can help entrepreneurs join an area that makes a positive impact on customers, who will keep coming back for more to keep themselves in tip-top shape.

Examples of services offered within the health and fitness franchise industry include gyms, yoga studios, massage clinics and spas, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, and supervised exercise.

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2. Children’s Products & Services

As the Canadian population continues to grow, there’s no doubt that children of all ages will need support from a variety of products and services. After all, they are the tiny minds of our future so fueling them with nutritious lunches, keeping them groomed and healthy, and educating them in all areas can help them grow and adapt to the world around them. That puts franchise owners interested in the children’s products and services industry at an exceptional advantage to provide valuable services that allow parents to simplify their lives by adding a helping hand in their child-rearing responsibilities.

Examples of products and services offered to children across Canada include lunch services, hair salons, daycare centres, educational and interactive lessons, and lice control.

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3. Pets

Have you heard of the term “pandemic pets” before? This new lingo is used to refer to the trend of people all over the country who adopted new cats, dogs, and other pets during the pandemic to keep them company and brighten their spirits. With this new influx of pet owners with pets to care for, franchises that provide services and products for pets are in an excellent position for growth—Canadians will always love their furry friends and pet families will continue growing for years to come.

Examples of products and services that pet care franchises provide include grooming, food and treats, toys and accessories, daycare centres, boarding and spa services, and training.

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4. Senior Services

As the population of baby boomers age into their 70s and beyond, they’ll require more support from senior care services across the country. Recent trends have also seen a phenomenon of seniors choosing to “age at home,” preferring to stay in the comfort of their homes and have care workers come to them to assist with their transition into a new lifestyle. Franchising in the senior services industry lets entrepreneurs build a small business while making a necessary and positive impact on the lives of seniors in their communities.

Examples of services provided to seniors include food preparation and delivery, cleaning and housework, non-medical in-home care services, wheelchair ramp systems and stairlifts, and moving solutions.

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5. Home & Mobile-based Businesses

Gone are the days when business owners and their staff had to be present in an office to get their daily work tasks done. With the ease of technology, many jobs today can be done from the comfort of a home office or operated out of a vehicle on the go. Home and mobile-based businesses provide convenience and leisure for business owners to own and operate a business from wherever they desire, without the overhead costs that come from owning a traditional brick-and-mortar location. Plus, this makes it easier for customers to access the products and services provided by these franchises (that can operate in dozens of unique industries!) on their own schedule.

Examples of services provided by home and mobile-based businesses include franchise consulting, life casting and jewelry creation, junk removal, odor removal and sanitization, washing and clean up services, moving management, and much more.

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