March/April 2019

Promoted Story: ActionCOACH

Investors considering buying a franchise or even starting their own business have many things to consider. How much can I earn? Will I enjoy this? Is this business recession-proof or will it crash and burn during the next recession? Will I be able to sell this for a significant multiple when I’m ready to exit? Are their big risks I can’t control? Is there a proven system in place to help me succeed?

Among this daunting list is one other important factor.

Will prospects be willing and eager to spend money with my business?

As a result one of the fastest growing sectors in Canada is business coaching. Nearly two out of three small businesses fail in the first six years. The exact number is 62.8%. That means a lot of families torn apart. Good business coaching can end that problem, and that’s why business coaching is doing so well. Prospects want help and they’re willing to pay for it.

And that’s part of the reason ActionCOACH Canada is growing so fast. As part of the largest business coaching franchise in the world, with a 25 year track record and tens of thousands of happy business clients, Canadian Master Franchise Owners Dale Monette and Rajan Rakheja are boldly going where few if any other Canadian Franchises are going.

And it started by looking at the global market of business coaching, seeing what is working best. The result of their research is to change the focus of business coaching. The old model is a time for money model. The irony is that the best business coaches teach entrepreneurs to build a business that works with or without them. And yet they weren’t doing it for themselves. Today, ActionCOACH Canada only awards what they call Firm Franchises. This is about building a firm: hiring coaches, a marketing team and support people. Building a professional services practice that works and scales without the owner doing the daily coaching.

Because this model is based on leverage, and is dramatically more scalable, Dale and Raj have also been able to do something extremely rare. They literally guarantee a six figure income with their franchise.

How can they guarantee that?

For starters, the average ActionCOACH in Canada earns $182,000 already. Second, by focusing on building a firm instead of daily coaching, and leaving the daily coaching to professionally trained coaches employed by the firm, the business can grow faster. And third, due to the extensive track record, they have a system of business coaching that’s so predictable they guarantee results for their clients. That makes attracting clients much easier than a typical business coach.

So who is the perfect fit for owning this type of franchise? VP Sustainable Development for ActionCOACH Canada, Tom Matzen says “because we don’t require you to be a super successful business owner with an incredible track record in order to be able to coach business owners, we focus on Core Values. Do you have a passion to help others thrive? Do you want to work ‘on your business’ rather than ‘in your business’? And do you have desire to build a mid six figure, maybe even seven figure enterprise? If so, you might be a perfect fit”.

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