Franchise Canada Chats PodcastSeason 4

Season 4 Episode 7 | Dale & Lessmann LLP – Clark Harrop

In this episode, we talk to Clark Harrop, a partner at Dale & Lessmann LLP. The business law firm is a franchise support service/supplier that represents franchisors and franchisees in the franchise agreement and disclosure document process.

Clark has been in the franchising space since the year 2000, and has worked with brands including Tim Hortons and McDonald’s, where he says he learned how good franchise systems work and adapt to changes as necessary.

Here, Clark shares:

  • Why he decided to take his decades of franchise experience to a private practice to work more closely with franchisors and franchisees
  • How to best implement system change within a franchise system, including the challenges this poses for franchisors
  • And the importance of communication between franchisors and their franchisees, especially as we continue to face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, among much more.