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Season 5 Episode 9 | Deka Lash: Franchising that Empowers and Builds Confidence for Women

In this episode, guest host Angela Coté discusses female empowerment in franchising with Jennifer Blair, founder and co-CEO of Deka Lash, based in the U.S. and currently looking for vast expansion throughout Canada. Founded in 2011, Deka Lash is an international retail beauty company that specializes in eyelash extension services and products with the goal of making clients feel and look their best.

Jennifer says she realized there was a gap within the eyelash extension market for artists that offer convenient and affordable services, and realized she could introduce a business concept that would fill the gap and attract clients like herself. And so was born a franchise concept that helps to empower and build confidence for women!

Here, Jennifer shares:

  • How Deka Lash has achieved quick growth and opened more than 100 studios in less than five years
  • Why it’s common for franchisees to have a woman to be the face of the brand with business support from her husband
  • What the response has been like from clients and franchisees, and what key traits can help new Deka Lash franchisees succeed, among much more.

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