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Season 3 Episode 6 | Angela Coté – Franchise Growth Catalyst

In this episode, we talk to Angela Coté, an international Franchise Growth Catalyst with both franchisor and franchisee experience who uses her knowledge to help growing companies get their start as they join the franchising community.

Having grown up the daughter of M&M Food Market’s founder, Angela joined the franchising industry at just 18-years-old and has developed an abundance of wisdom in her 25 years in the field. Now, she runs Angela Coté Inc. as a franchise business coach who guides brands through all the stages of franchising.

During this episode, Angela shares:

  • The top traits of the ideal franchisee
  • The “5 Rockstar questions” that franchisees should ask prospective franchisors (spoiler alert: having passion is a key to franchising!)
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic has created an increase in collaboration for franchising, and much more.