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Season 6 Episode 4 | UROSPOT: Strengthening Women in Franchising

In this episode, guest host sponsor Travis Tinning from Franchise GrowthLab dives into a unique brand’s journey featuring UROSPOT founder and CEO, Erin Craven, alongside her Barrie, Ontario-based franchisee, Rose Paemurd.

In business since 2019, UROSPOT is a franchise clinic that provides freedom and confidence to women and men who are struggling with bladder leaks, urgency, night waking, prolapse, and sexual dysfunction. 

You can expect these key takeaways from this episode:

  1. How UROSPOT experienced rapid growth as one of the fastest growing emerging systems over the past two years (and through a pandemic!)
  2. Why Rose decided to take the plunge into franchising and how UROSPOT was her ideal franchise fit
  3. The benefits of joining an emerging brand that operates with a unique purpose for business owners and their clients
Travis Tinning, Chief Development Officer at Franchise GrowthLab; Erin Craven, CEO and Rose Paemurd, franchisee at UROSPOT

Check Out the Full Podcast Video with Travis, Erin, and Rose!