Canadian Franchise Association CEO Sherry McNeil
March/April 2022Publisher's Message

Publisher’s Message: Diversity is Our Strength

Franchising is one of the most popular and successful business models in Canada today. In fact, the Canadian Franchise Association’s economic forecast for 2019 shows that franchising is the 12th largest industry in the country, employing approximately two million Canadians.

All types of businesses succeed with the franchise model, and the CFA counts more than 50 industry categories in its membership, from food service and retail to health and fitness, home renovations, financial services, education, even pet products and services. For a prospective franchisee, there are an incredible array of options when it comes to choosing the business you want to own and operate.

But diversity in the franchising industry doesn’t stop there. Franchising has also proven to be a resilient and accessible business model for people from all walks of life. A distinct advantage of operating a franchise is that anyone, regardless of their background, can find business success.

This means that as a franchisee, you not only have the support of a franchisor, but of an entire community of likeminded business owners: a diverse network of Canadians who are growing the franchise industry from coast to coast.

This Diversity in Franchising issue celebrates the inclusivity of the franchise industry in Canada. In the three-part cover story, you’ll find inspiring stories of franchisees from a variety of cultural backgrounds and generations. Within this cover story package, we share the successes of four powerhouse female franchisors, who run their franchise systems with an eye for inclusive and sustainable practices.

Beyond the cover story, we continue to share success stories from passionate franchisees and unique franchise systems. We take you through a day in the life of Emilie Nadeau, an impressive 21-year-old nursing student who also runs her own College Pro franchise, and shares how owning a business has taught her leadership skills and shaped her future. We also introduce you to Shawn Stack, a Hallmark franchisee in Timmins, Ontario, who recently completed his first year of business ownership. Stack shares how he adapted the Hallmark gift store concept—one he discovered in this very magazine!—to his community during the pandemic.

This issue also highlights CEO Peter Han of Bluekey Education, who founded his post-secondary tutoring franchise after immigrating to this country and experiencing Canadian university for the first time. And we share the story of Gabrielle Arvanitis, director of operations for Score Pizza, who shares her experience as part of a young upper management team in a growing franchise system.

Since the onset of COVID-19, home improvement franchises have proved to be a popular “pandemic-proof” industry—one that easily adapts to a mobile or work-from-home set up and continues to be in high demand for Canadians looking to restore and renovate their homes. You can find a Special Franchise Focus highlighting the many home improvement and renovation franchises operating in Canada.

You’ll also find real estate franchise brands helping Canadians across the country find their new dream home—and when they’re ready to move, the moving franchises featured will be there to help with packing and unpacking, moving, downsizing, and transition services.

After you’ve explored the inspiring stories within this issue, don’t forget to visit FranchiseCanada.Online, where more members of Canada’s diverse franchise community share their stories through online content, podcast episodes, videos, and more. Be sure to check out our ongoing series of online exclusive content featuring success stories from diverse franchisees. Follow the CFA on social media and subscribe to Franchise Canada E-News to make sure you never miss a story.

We hope this issue inspires you to learn more about franchising. As the many stories in this magazine prove, anyone—regardless of age, gender, race, or place of origin—can achieve franchise success with the right brand, hard work, and a lot of passion.

We look forward to welcoming you into Canada’s diverse franchising community!  Find the right brand for you, join the franchise community, and become a franchise business owner.  There is a place for everyone!