March/April 2021 Publisher's Message

Publisher’s Message: Join the Diverse Franchise Community

Canadians, including those in the business community, continue to face challenges as the world grapples with the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. All businesses have been impacted, with many being forced to close their doors to customers during lockdowns, or in some unfortunate cases, for good. As we look to start on the road to recovery, however, it’s important to note that businesses that have found ways to adapt are continuing to support their communities. New businesses are also opening their doors to consumers, many of which are franchise systems.

Many of these businesses are franchise businesses. The franchise business model is resilient and continues to provide opportunities for Canadians to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. This is because franchisees are small business owners who have the strong systems and support of the franchise brand behind them. The increased support from the franchisor is an asset during times of uncertainty, when it can be particularly daunting, not to mention risky, to go it alone.

Another distinct advantage of operating a franchise is that you join the diverse Canadian franchise community, where anyone, regardless of their background, can find business success. This means you not only have the support of the franchisor behind you, but also the entire Canadian franchise network of like-minded business owners who are growing the franchise industry by contributing to their own communities.

This Diversity in Franchising issue highlights the inclusivity of Canadian franchising. In the cover story, we share the inspiring stories of 12 Canadian franchisees. These successful business owners are showcasing how anyone, no matter their age, gender, race, or place of origin, can make it in franchising with the right brand behind them (and a lot of passion!). They share how they’ve found success, even amid the latest challenges, along with their insight into the benefits of being part of such a diverse franchise community.

Beyond the cover story, we also feature the success stories of franchisees who opened their franchises during the pandemic. We take you through a day in the life of Ontario Pet Valu franchisee Kayla Orleck, who opened her location in the spring, and is adapting to continue serving her pet-loving customers through curbside pickup.

We also introduce you to Hickory Dickory Decks franchisee Theo Melburn, who completed the first year with his Kanata, Ontario franchise last March, when he also went on to open a second franchise in the Ottawa region. Millennial Spiritleaf franchisee Jasper Ly also shares his story, highlighting how his passion for franchising helped him adapt to the challenges of opening a retail cannabis franchise, during the pandemic’s second wave.

Franchisees find this success when they partner with the right brand that offers the strong systems and support to guide them through difficult times. Three brands that have risen to the occasion and successfully navigated the challenges of COVID-19 are Massage Addict, Metal Supermarkets, and Osmow’s, all of which hit the milestone of opening 100 locations during the pandemic, and these brands explain how they’ve continued to put people first.

Support is a key advantage to the franchise business model, and the Special Franchise Focus shines a spotlight on franchise support services/suppliers. These franchise experts help franchisees through the essential due diligence process before signing the franchise agreement. They also provide services to help with operations once the franchise is up and running.

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Franchising is resilient and remains a pillar in Canadian communities from coast to coast. As we navigate the latest challenges brought on by the pandemic and move toward recovery, franchising remains a strong option for those looking to make their business dreams come true. We hope this issue inspires you to learn more about franchising and how it can help put you on the path to business success, and we look forward to welcoming you into the diverse franchise community.