Burdens of Small Business: Minimum Wage

updated July 2024

Minimum wages are on the rise across Canada as governments seek to reach a par with living wages. While this is an ongoing challenge, minimum wage increases affect small businesses directly and immediately. The following minimum wages are in effect in Canada as of July 1, 2024, unless otherwise noted.

  • Alberta – $15.00
  • British Columbia – $17.40
  • Manitoba – $15.30
  • New Brunswick – $15.30
  • Newfoundland and Labrador – $15.60
  • Northwest Territories – $16.05
  • Nova Scotia – $15.20
  • Nunavut – $19.00
  • Ontario – $16.55 (coming into effect Oct. 1)
  • PEI – $15.40
  • Quebec – $15.75
  • Saskatchewan – $15.00 (coming into effect Oct. 1)
  • Yukon – $17.59
  • Federal – $17.30

We applaud governments for wanting to address the issue of minimum wage and living wage. The CFA supports a minimum wage policy which is fair, predictable, and transparent, accompanied by open communication and consultations with stakeholders, including franchised businesses.

We ask that governments proceed cautiously, as any minimum wage increase affects small businesses immediately and directly impacts their bottom lines. Advance notice of six-12 months is helpful and allows for planning and adjustments to individual business models.


Ensure that any minimum wage policy balances the realities of what constitutes a fair wage with the responsibility of maintaining a healthy business environment.

CFA seeks to ensure increases are predictable and phased in over a reasonable amount of time. Significant and unpredictable increases in the minimum wage can have a dramatic impact on our members and their businesses, potentially resulting in hiring freezes, price increases, and reduction of employee hours. These are not circumstances in which small businesses can thrive.