CFA Franchise Guidebooks


The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) and with the collaboration of CFA experts are pleased to provide free resources to help franchise businesses reach their goals through digital guidebooks.

These guidebooks are free and made available courtesy of CFA experts after you fill out a form. Please click on the respective guidebook to fill out the form and start reading it.

Cover of CFA Guidebook "Leveraging Data and Analytics to scale your franchise" sponsored by Piinpoint

Sponsored by PiinPoint

Between shifting consumer demands and sky-high operating costs, franchisors need data that can help them grow into a name-brand worthy of success while saving time and keeping costs low. Produced in collaboration with Piinpoint, this guidebook provides franchisors with tips and tactics around leveraging data to optimize your business, down to the decimal point. Get answers for common questions concerning site selection, store consolidations, and finding new spaces for assured growth, while providing fresh, analytical insights for building a franchise empire.