Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) 2024/2025 Membership Year Dues

Dear CFA Members,

Our 2024/2025 membership year renewal campaign is kicking off next week, and you will soon receive a communication explaining how to renew your membership. 

Ahead of the campaign launch, please note that the Executive Committee of the CFA Board of Directors recently approved an increase of 5% to CFA membership dues for the 2024/2025 membership year. This increase applies to all categories of CFA membership (franchise systems and franchise support services/suppliers). The new membership dues rates come into effect November 1, 2024, for existing members. 

In 2019, the Board of Directors approved annual membership dues increases to be at a minimum on par with the Consumer Price Index (CPI). To support our members during COVID, the CFA put a hold on annual increases to membership dues. However, over the past few years, CPI has risen by 21.9%, and the cost of delivering programs and services to CFA members has subsequently increased. The adjusted membership dues for the 2024/2025 membership year will be an important step in helping to ensure the Association’s financial sustainability and continued provision of high-quality member services to our member community. 

Average Annual CPI Increase: 3.1%

Cumulative CPI Increase (2018-2024): 21.9%

How does this apply to your company?

  • For current CFA members: When you renew your membership online, you will see that the new annual dues rates have been applied to the renewal form. 
  • For new CFA members joining the CFA community: New member application forms have been updated with the new dues rates and will be charged to all new CFA members joining the CFA community. 

Franchise System Member Dues Rates Schedule for the 2024/2025 Year:

Franchise Support Services/Supplier Member Dues Rates Schedule for the 2024/2025 Year: $3,450 (single brand) | $4,370 (multi-brand)

In addition to this notice, the membership dues rates will be posted online in the CFA Members Only Area and published in the fall edition of The Franchise Voice member magazine.

Please note that the 2024/2025 membership year renewal campaign will launch the week of July 15, 2024, with payment due by October 31, 2024.

  • Members who renew and pay in full prior to the October 31 deadline are eligible to receive incentives, which will be outlined in upcoming communications.

We value your membership and support of the Association and look forward to Growing Together® with you.


We understand that membership dues are an important investment for you. If you have any questions about your membership or your dues, please contact Shivam Sharma, Manager, Development & Membership at