Canadian Franchise Association: Graphic Design Intern

The Government of Canada funded this job through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Applicants must:

  • Be between the ages of 15 and 30 years old at the start of employment
  • Be a Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or person who has been granted refugee status in Canada under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act
  • Be legally entitled to work in Canada in accordance with relevant provincial and territorial legislation and regulations. International students are not eligible participants. Recent immigrants are eligible if they are Canadian citizens or permanent residents

Job Title: Graphic Design Intern

Hourly Rate: $17/hour

Hours / Week: 35

Number of Weeks: 12

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Reporting to the Senior Graphic Designer of the CFA, the Graphic Design Intern will build collateral for marketing, corporate communications, websites, publications, and events. The candidate will be able to add these pieces to their professional portfolio. This role will also support in the updating of the CFA’s brand guidelines and in the development of sub-brand style guides.

Description of the supervision plan:

The Graphic Design Intern will be supervised on a daily basis by the CFA’s Senior Graphic Designer, who is responsible for all design, art direction, and branding for the Association. The Graphic Design Intern will meet daily with the Senior Graphic Designer to review daily tasks, ask questions, and receive direction and feedback. As part of the Content & Marketing team, the Graphic Design Intern will also meet weekly with the Vice President, Content & Marketing for departmental team meetings to provide status updates and further direction, if required.

Identify the type of mentoring plan:

The Graphic Design Intern will be mentored by the Senior Graphic Designer in many aspects of art direction, branding, and graphic design for a variety of products, services, and mediums in a small business and not-for-profit context. Additionally, through feedback at daily update meetings, the Senior Graphic Designer will develop a personalized development plan to ensure coaching and experience is provided for skills and tasks the candidate has identified as areas they wish to explore. The candidate’s mentorship will also include executive level direction from the Vice President, Content & Marketing’s coaching during weekly departmental meetings.

What skills will the participant develop during this placement?

  • Client service
  • Teamwork
  • Communications
  • Digital Skills
  • Leadership

Describe how the client service skills will be developed  

As a membership organization serving over 700 corporate members, all CFA staff members interact directly with its members on a regular basis. The candidate will be responsible for communicating efficiently and professionally with the CFA’s members (predominantly via e-mail) as a representative of the Association. The candidate will receive coaching as required when it comes to appropriate messaging, tone, and the most efficient and effective way to communicate important information in a business context.

Describe how the teamwork skills will be developed  

As a not-for-profit, small business membership organization, the CFA’s staff collaborate with each other across all departments on a regular basis and cultivates teamwork as a core value and business practice. The Graphic Design Intern will be the liaison between various content teams (editorial, marketing, corporate communications, and events) and the graphic design team and will have many opportunities to develop and hone their teamwork skills. Under the guidance and mentorship of the Senior Graphic Designer, the candidate will gain experience in coordinating tasks, communicate production timelines, and working collaboratively and proactively to overcome any obstacles they may face. This will be an excellent learning opportunity, as the candidate will be an active member of a cross-functional team and will learn more about how all team members need to coordinate tasks, share resources, and solve conflicts together.

Describe how the communication skills will be developed  

Communication skills are a strong component to the role as the Graphic Design Intern will need to understand concepts and ideas through written and oral briefings and translate them into visual and design that clearly reflects those concepts and ideas. Additionally, the candidate will develop written and verbal communication skills through the experience of participating in regular meetings, writing e-mails and briefings, and documentation of policies and guidelines.

Describe how the digital skills will be developed  

The Graphic Design Intern will gain work experience in designing for digital mediums including digital magazines, video, marketing collateral, and digital publications. Specific digital software in which the candidate will develop skills include Adobe Creative Cloud, ISSUU, and MS 365 (Outlook, WORD, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.). The candidate will also gain skills in managing digital meeting software through coordination and hosting of Zoom and Teams meetings.

Describe how the leadership skills will be developed  

The Graphic Design Intern will develop leadership skills in their role through participation in the Association’s performance management program to set goals, track success, and report on their performance. This participation develops staff initiative, accountability, and responsibility for delivering on their goals as well as experience in performance management programs, goal setting, and time management.

Field of Studies  

  • Graphic Design

Does this job support a national priority?   (Example)


Indicate which national priority   

  • Black and other racialized youth
  • Small Businesses and Not-For-Profit organizations that self report as having leadership from groups that are underrepresented in the labour market. The CFA President & CEO is Sherry McNeil who is part of the underrepresented demographic of women in the labour market, which is particularly true in non-profit sector in Ontario and in franchising in Canada. Women in the non-profit sector in Ontario is underrepresented in leadership positions (only 20-25% of all leaders in the sector are women). Additionally, women are even more underrepresented in franchising in Canada, with only 4% of all leadership positions being held by women.

Describe how you will provide services to, or intend to hire, youth who self-identify as being part of the groups which are underrepresented or as having additional barriers to entering or staying in the labour market.   

As an equal opportunity workplace, the CFA welcomes all qualified candidates to apply. The CFA will also include optional self-identification of applicants as being BIPOC on its recruitment application form.

However, all candidates will be evaluated on their ability to handle the responsibilities, not their race, sexual orientation, or gender. The role can be an entry-level position.

Describe how your job will support small businesses, in recognition of their contribution to the creation of jobs.   

The Graphic Design Intern will support small businesses and recognition of their contribution to the creation of jobs through the marketing, editorial, and corporate communication collateral they design. Examples include fact-sheets and infographics that communicate and promote the power and opportunity of franchised small businesses. The Canadian franchise industry is comprised of over 73,000 small business franchises (franchisees and franchisors) and employs 1.5 million FTE. The majority of franchised business locations are small businesses: about half employ 1 to 5 full-time FTE and/or 1 to 5 part-time FTE.

Does this job support your Member of Parliament’s local priorities?  

  • Yes. Support for a specific type of project: Projects supporting not for profit organizations

To apply, please submit your resume to Samantha Cormier at