Set up your International Franchise in Canada

If you’re thinking of franchising your business internationally, look no further!

The Canadian franchise market is the second largest in the world. As the 12th largest industry in Canada, franchising has contributed $117 billion to the economy, and created close to two million job opportunities. The industry is set to keep growing, with an estimated 657,000 franchisees set to operate their own businesses by the end of 2023. Clearly, Canada is your best option for international expansion.

Of course, expanding into unchartered territory can be nerve-wracking—which is why the CFA has several programs in place to support franchise systems and suppliers to help international franchisees settle into the thriving Canadian business landscape.

What is the CFA?

The Canadian Franchise Association (CFA) is a national association of more than 600 franchise brands and 40,000 franchisees in Canada. We provide our members with programs and services to help them grow through the support of the franchise community, including networking and brand awareness initiatives, education and training services, and access to industry information and best practices.

The CFA offers two types of memberships: the Franchise System Membership and the Supplier Membership. Regardless of which membership your business falls into, each one is designed to help new franchisees forge strong connections in the Canadian market. In both memberships, your business will gain access to several assets that will help you get ahead, grow, and develop your Canadian franchise. As a franchisor or supplier with the CFA, you will gain:

  • Instant Industry Credibility. All franchise systems in membership are granted access to use our CFA logos, which provide your business with a mark of reliability necessary to thrive in new territory.
  • The Opportunity to Showcase Your Company. You’ll have the exclusive opportunity to promote your company in the CFA’s publications and on our websites.
  • A Social Network. Build vital relationships with franchise professionals by connecting with the CFA’s online community on social media and through our monthly Franchise Socials.
  • Resources to Stay Informed. The CFA’s educational events, articles, and programs will help you stay current in your field and better serve your franchise industry clients by keeping you up to date on the latest, important issues affecting the franchise industry.

Added Perks for International Franchisors

For franchise systems from abroad, the CFA’s unique membership program comes with a few extra perks to help you smooth out the runway toward international growth.

  • Worried about building brand awareness or growing your contacts in a new market? The CFA’s comprehensive membership advantages will ease those worries. On top of the mutual membership benefits, your franchise system will also be able to: Grow Brand Awareness. With tools accessible online, in print, and face to face, the CFA can connect you with serious leads seeking franchise opportunities like yours.
  • Share Your Expertise. Position yourself as a leading franchise solutions provider by speaking at our virtual CFA events, conducting a webinar, or writing articles for our CFA publications.
  • Strengthen Your Network. Join us at virtual and in-person events and connect directly with some of Canada’s key franchise decision makers!
  • Gain Government Advocacy. On behalf of the franchise business, the CFA will provide insight on how to protect your business from legislative and regulatory threats to your success.
  • Receive Exclusive Savings and Discounts. With our Member Savings Program, you can save on costs to your entire franchise system.

Increased Opportunity for Suppliers

For suppliers, membership is an investment that opens doors to various leads in the Canadian franchise market and opportunities to connect with franchisors. Each year, more than 125 Supplier Members continue to renew their annual membership as they network and find new opportunities to do business with franchisors across Canada.

As a CFA member, you will gain the connections and insight necessary to effectively build your organization, you can focus on the things that matter, like delivering the products and services you care about. With the supplier membership, you will gain the opportunity to:

  • Network Across Canada. Supplier Members can attend virtual and in-person CFA Events and network with franchise professionals from coast to coast.
  • Connect with Franchisors. Gain instant access to over 2,000 franchise professionals from some of Canada’s leading brands with our Member Directory. Use these contacts to build relationships with Canada’s franchise community and grow your business.
  • Receive Free Member Listing. Be listed as a member on the CFA’s corporate website, and in our annual print directories.

Join the CFA today!

Ready to start your international franchising journey? There’s a spot waiting for you as a member of the CFA family, and we’ve got even more perks and benefits for both our franchise system and supplier members. Browse through our more comprehensive Membership Systems Brochure to learn more about how the CFA can help you achieve the international expansion you want for your business.