Thank You to Our Advocacy Donors!

Advocacy is the cornerstone of our work done at CFA. As one of the CFA’s key pillars, we strive to represent and support members, while building a favorable business environment for franchising in Canada. Advocacy is crucial for both franchisees and franchisors alike and intrinsic to Growing Together and charting a path to success.

Our advocacy donors are critical to ensuring the CFA has the resources to continue to help protect, promote, and advance the franchise industry in Canada. Without our donors, the CFA’s advocacy efforts would not be as robust as it is today. Becoming a donor is the best way to help CFA efficiently promote franchising interests at Provincial and Federal levels of government to ensure policies help every member grow their business.

Advocacy initiatives benefit both the members at CFA and the Canadian franchising industry at large. Here‘s why advocacy is more important than ever:

Influencing Policy: The CFA works to shape policies that safeguard the franchise industry’s growth and prosperity. 

Amplifying Your Voice: The CFA actively seeks member input, ensuring that their experiences, challenges, and aspirations are heard and addressed at the highest levels. 

Expert Guidance: The CFA leverages its expertise and industry knowledge to provide members with guidance and insights on compliance, policy developments, and emerging trends. 

Industry Representation: As a CFA member, you gain access to a strong network of like-minded professionals, industry leaders, and influencers. Through our advocacy efforts, we represent your interests in various forums, committees, and stakeholder engagements. 

Business Growth: By advocating for a supportive franchising environment, the CFA contributes to the growth and success of your business. Our efforts aim to foster a level playing field, minimize barriers to entry, and enhance the overall reputation and credibility of the franchise industry.

Become a donor with the CFA today to take advocacy to the next level. Help us continue our mission to make policymakers nationwide recognize the significant role played by the franchise business model in Canada’s economy.

Pledge your support through a donation to CFA’s Advocacy Fund.