Time to Act! Meet your MPP

Now that the election dust has settled, you may have a new Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) representing your riding. This is a critical time to start building relationships with those who represent your voice!

Unfortunately, many MPPs and members of government are still unaware of the complexities of the franchise industry. Meetings go a long way to help paint a picture of the everyday franchise owner.

Meeting with MPPs is one of the most critical advocacy activities available and can be a very powerful tool. It gives you an opportunity to connect with them directly and share real-life experiences of what owning a business and creating jobs means to you, your family and your community.

Inviting your MPP to visit your business will make the meeting that much more personal and memorable; creating the opportunity for them to meet your staff and understand the dynamics of your everyday life as a small business owner. Bringing a personal aspect to the relationship could make your MPP more likely to act on your behalf.

MPPs are interested in hearing from constituents and those actively involved in the community. By taking the time to meet with your local MPP, you’re demonstrating that franchisors and franchise owners are active members of the community who care to take the time to develop that relationship. This benefits not only yourself, but the community in which your business resides, and the franchising community as a whole.

Steps to Setting up a Meeting:

  1. Click here to confirm your MPP
  2. Email or call your MPP’s office and request a meeting
  3. Determine speaking notes

Sample Speaking notes:

Use this opportunity to explain who you are on a personal level and how it relates to the business. Why did you chose franchising? How does the business model help you and your community? Use the following sample speaking notes to lead you in the right direction:

  • “To give you some context about my business…”
    • Why did you choose the franchise model?
    • How many people does your franchise system employ?
    • What are the benefits of working for a franchisee within your brand?
    • Discuss your community involvement (i.e. donations, involvement in local Boards or Chambers)
  • “The Canadian franchise industry generates over $96 billion dollars annually, almost 5% of the entire economy of Canada”
    • In Ontario, the franchise industry contributes $49 billion to the GDP
  • “Franchising employs over 1.8 million Canadians, directly and indirectly”
    • In Ontario, the franchise industry generates over 900,000 people

Download CFA’s ‘Franchising in Ontario: Policy Briefing’ for more helpful information.

For help finding your MPP’s contact information or booking a meeting, contact David Black, Director, Government Relations & Public Relations at dblack@cfa.ca or call 1-800-665-4232 ext. 297..

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